3 Tips For Reducing Acne On Oily Skin

If your oily skin is acne prone, then you likely spend a lot of your time trying to figure out what you can do to try and help your skin improve. Going to a professional dermatologist, like East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC, and getting some specialized medicines is always a great option. However, there are also other things that you can do along with this to help fight the acne as well. Most of these things are simple, but they can make a huge difference in your skin. This article will discuss 3 tips for reducing acne on oily skin.

Don't Over-wash Your Face

If you wash your face too many times each day, it can become unbalanced. For example, if you dry out your face too much by washing it over and over again, your face will think that it needs to produce extra oil for your face. This is turn can cause you to have even more acne because your skin is even more oily than normal. The best way to keep the oil in your skin balanced is to wash your face twice per day using a face wash recommended for people with oily skin, or one that has been prescribed by your dermatologist. 

Avoid Oily and Fatty Foods

Hamburgers, fries, donuts, fried chicken, and all of those other great oily and fatty foods sound delicious, however, if you want to help your skin clear up, then it is in your best interest to avoid them. These types of foods will generally clog up your pores, which will then create more acne on your face. Instead, try eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking a lot of water each day. This will help to clear your pores, which can in turn improve your complexion. 

Let Your Skin Breath

Sometimes it is hard to go without product on your face, but the negative effect on your skin can be worth avoiding products for at least some of the time. If you wear makeup, try to avoid wearing foundation whenever possible to let your skin breath and to avoid clogging more pores. Also avoid putting thick lotions on your face or even an after shave that may irritate your skin and clog pores. If you feel that you need to put something on your face, use natural products that are made specifically for people with oily skin who suffered from acne.