What To Expect After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be wonderful if you're looking for a way to stay hairless without always having to shave or turn to chemical hair removal products. The actual process is pretty simple. You sit there while the dermatologist uses a special tool to shoot lasers at your hair follicles, which causes a pinching sensation but not serious pain. What's more complex is the aftermath – what happens after the procedure when you return home. Here's what you can expect after laser hair removal.

Your skin will be red and sore.

Your dermatologist will probably use a numbing agent to keep you comfortable during and immediately after the procedure. This will slowly wear off after the procedure, and within a few hours, you will notice that your skin is sore to the touch. It will also start looking a bit red and sore. This is normal. You can ease the soreness by applying a mild, non-medicated lotion to it or by applying some ice. Avoid hot showers, as the hot water may irritate your skin even more. Take cool baths for the first few days after your procedure. Within a couple of days, the soreness should be gone and your skin should look a lot less red.

You'll want to apply plenty of sunscreen.

Your dermatologist should advise you to apply sunscreen before you go outside. It is very important to follow these instructions. Otherwise, you'll be in a lot of pain once the sun's rays have a chance to burn your already sensitive skin. Look for a sunscreen without scent or perfumes, as these may irritate your skin. A spray-on one is perfect since you won't have to cause yourself discomfort when rubbing it in. Make sure you apply sunscreen even if you'll only be outside for a few minutes. It's amazing how quickly the sun can burn laser-treated skin.

You probably won't be totally hairless.

A few days after your procedure, you might notice some hairs growing back. This does not mean that the laser hair removal did not work – just that you need another treatment or two. Most patients do not experience full hairlessness after just one treatment. Some need two treatments, and others need as many as six. Based on how much hair is remaining after the initial treatment, your dermatologist should be able to tell you how many more treatments you'll need before the area is completely hair-free. These treatments should be spaced about 4 – 6 weeks apart for best results.

Now that you know not to be alarmed by redness, sun sensitivity, or a lack of hairlessness after laser hair removal, you can show up to your appointment with confidence and excitement.

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