Four Ways To Manage Acne During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is notorious for wreaking havoc on the expectant mother's skin. The extra hormones can cause a slew of skin issues, including acne. To make matters more complicated, traditional acne medications may not be safe during pregnancy. Don't resign yourself to simply having bad skin during your pregnancy. Instead, try these easy tips to better manage your acne during pregnancy.

1. Stick with Products that Contain Benzoyl Peroxide

Pregnant women have to stick to skin care products that are considered safe to use during pregnancy. Benzoyl peroxide is regarded by most doctors as being safe to use during pregnancy. Only a small amount is absorbed into the body; the amount is insignificant and does not affect the baby. Apply a thin layer to the affected area twice a day, reducing usage to once a day if the skin becomes irritated or starts to peel.

Some doctors do approve the use of salicylic acid in small amounts, but in general, it is best to avoid products that contain salicylic acid or Retin-A.

2. Keep Your Hands off Your Face

Though it is tempting to peel and pop your acne, constantly touching your face is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Unless your hands have just been thoroughly washed, you have a plethora of bacteria on your fingers. Touching your face spreads this bacteria to your face, possibly worsening your existing acne and creating idea conditions for the formation of new acne.

3. Remember to Put on Sunscreen

Make sure you apply a noncomedogenic sunscreen every single day, regardless of the season or weather conditions.  Not only are you protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays, but you are also preventing irritation from sunburn that can worsen acne. 

4. Keep Your Hair off Your Face

If you use any type of styling product on your hair, this product gets transferred to your skin when your hair touches your face. The product can then clog your pores, resulting in the formation of acne.

To keep this from happening, style your hair so that it stays off your face. Take care when applying the product to not get it on your face. 

Another alternative is to try oil-free hair care products that do not clog your pores.

Acne is always a frustrating experience, but it is especially troublesome during pregnancy. Though your options for acne products are limited, there are few things you can do to help better manage your acne during pregnancy. For more information, contact a dermatology center in your area.