Helpful Tips For First-Time Botox Patients

Botox injections can help patients prevent and reduce wrinkles, even when topical treatments fail. Botox is administered in a dermatologist's office using a thin needle. Although some patients may worry about pain, in most cases, Botox injection is an easy procedure that produces minimal discomfort. Here are some tips for first-time Botox patients.

1. Request pain relief

Most patients feel only a small pinch when Botox is injected into their face. However, some people have a phobia of needles, and some people are more sensitive to pain than others. Fortunately, dermatologists have pain-relief options available for patients. A topical anesthetic ointment or a numbing cold compress can reduce the discomfort caused by Botox. If your dermatologist does not offer these options, you can request them. Your dermatologist wants you to be comfortable during your procedure and will do everything possible to ensure that you remain pain-free.

2. Understand what Botox can and cannot do

Botox is highly effective for smoothing expression lines caused by furrowed brows and scowling faces. Botox can make you less likely to develop wrinkles in the future by partially paralyzing certain facial muscles. However, Botox may not completely erase deep lines that already exist on your skin. Having reasonable expectations can ensure that you're satisfied with your Botox treatment. 

3. Ask for the type of treatment you want

Dermatologists have extensive experience working with people's faces. As a result, they have expertise when it comes to facial aesthetics. However, your individual aesthetic preferences also matter. Some people want very subtle Botox injections that will not eradicate all their wrinkles but simply make them look well-rested. Other people want a more dramatic change in their appearance. Let your dermatologist know which problem areas you would like addressed and how noticeable you would like your Botox treatment to be. Your dermatologist will do their best to accommodate your requests.

4. Wait and see how long your Botox lasts

Botox injections do not last forever. However, the effects of Botox can last for several months. The amount of time it takes for your Botox injections to wear off will depend on the way your body metabolizes the drug. In order to maintain your results, you'll need to schedule another appointment for Botox once your initial results fade. Until you know how long Botox injections last on your specific body, you should play it by ear. Wait and see how long you can go between appointments before calling your dermatologist for a follow-up treatment.